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About Us

Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students an understanding of urban concepts, issues, and problems. It provides students a unique opportunity to combine the diverse perspectives of art and architecture, economics and political science as well as social and financial insights to gain a broader understanding of the way urban communities develop.

Faculty members involved in the minor are from the departments of Economics, English, Art History and Political Science. A committee of faculty members from each of those disciplines, currently chaired by a professor in Economics, administers the minor.

The minor combines especially well with Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Art History majors, but it also brings an added dimension and strength to any major by providing a background in architecture, urban and economic problems, politics and policy in an urban setting, and issues related to urban settings such as transportation, housing, welfare, and planning.

Career Opportunities

The Urban Studies minor is especially useful preparation for those students who plan to pursue careers in municipal, state, or federal government agencies, private consulting firms, real estate and engineering or who plan on graduate study in any field related to urban studies.